Capsize, Ostraca, Alcaeus and Dead Set 6-12-15

It’s been a while since I’ve shot just for myself, but last night I went down to the Flux to see some friends and brought my camera. I’m pretty into these shots & love shooting at The Flux Capacitor in general. Plus I got a text yesterday morning saying that I HAD to go see Ostraca and I was not disappointed. Check out these pictures, check out these bands, you know the drill.

Dead Set

IMG_4135 IMG_4117 IMG_4106 IMG_4155


IMG_4241 IMG_4218 IMG_4198 IMG_4180 IMG_4265 IMG_4271


IMG_4315 IMG_4320 IMG_4318 IMG_4296 IMG_4290


IMG_4373 IMG_4438 IMG_4434 IMG_4439 IMG_4530 IMG_4503 IMG_4546 IMG_4549 IMG_4570 IMG_4471

PS: Check out these idiots.


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